Sunday, January 25, 2009

Make some cash selling your old cells

I keep saving my old cell phones to turn in to a charity, but they just sit and rot. Now there is a place in New York, called CeX, who will buy used cell phones, computer and other tech items.

It works sort of like a pawn shop only you get to keep the money. There are two options. You get one amount of money to just drop the item off and leave or you get a little more if you agree to receive store credit at CeX, so you get cash and credit.

There currently are five stores in New York and one in Boston. Stores are planned for Chicago, Philly, Chicago and San Francisco. But you may do this via the web -- purchasing the used items they are selling and sending in your own items for sale.

Of course you can always donated your used cell phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers or Wireless Recycling.
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